Aero club to replace fleet

Got a letter from the Aero club announcing the long awaited replacement of the training fleet. Our 2 152's (one an aerobat) have given over 20 years faithful service to the club and countless pilots have seen their first solo and other ratings in them. They are now approaching the 5 figure mark in total airframe hours, and the club has been looking for replacements for some time.

They looked at new and near new Cessnas (152 and 172) and Pipers (warriors), all of which are proven aircraft and would grandly suit the needs of the club but the asking price was far beyond what the club could afford. They have settled on the Alpha Aviation A160 as not only is the factory a mere 100m away from the Aero Club but the plane was going for a great price and other operators like the North Shore Aero Club have been using A160's and have had nothing but good things to say about them. The club could also afford new aircraft and hence specify the engines and avionics fit to suit their needs.

They are due to make an appearance on the flightline March next year. All the more incentive for me to get my PPL so I can get a rating in them and take them up.


Oshawapilot said…
Heya Euan!

I just stumbled across your blog after seeing a comment in Chris'. I had no idea you had started one!

Great to see you jumped on the bandwagon!

You havea new subscriber. :)
Euan Kilgour said…
Mark, you can blame yourself this blog :)

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Oshawapilot said…
Heh. I had no choice about the anonymous comment thing - it was either that, or we could all get to read about "HOT NEW STOCKS" and "GET YOUR VIAGRA HERE" comments for years to come. :-)

That's been resolved now, though - thankfully Blogger instituted a new system that stops comment-spam.
Chris said…
Mark, I was dissappointed you stopped selling Viagra, I was about to place an order! ;-)