Forced Landings Without Power 3 – Sunday 6 February 11am

The weather was similar to Saturday, with scattered cloud at 2500 feet, wind from 060 at 10 knots. We went out east again over Cambridge which I have realised is better for doing FLWOPs because of the clearly defined paddocks and flat ground. We did a couple of tries at it in which both times I was high. Instructor Paul then took it to a new level, with another first, a trip to the south eastern low flying zone. In these zones aircraft are allowed to fly as low as they want to (outside the low flying zone the legal limit 500 feet AGL). So I really got a chance to (nearly) put us down in a field. Paul got to show me what to do when I get too high, you can dive down, do some S turns, lower flap or all three at once!. I thought I improved quite well and my last one was my best one. Paul said on the way back that he was satisfied to let me go out on my own and practise them. I must admit, I am much more comfortable with them now. I have really got a good idea of how well these light planes glide. From 2500 feet you have about 5 minutes of gliding time so there is plenty of time to fly the plane, attempt to restart the engine, calm your passengers down, talk to air traffic control and select a landing field and fly to it.