Well, here I am at last. To get the introduction part out of the way, I am Euan Kilgour, a 34 year old New Zealander who has wanted to fly since he was a boy but has only recently managed to get himself organised well enough financially to afford it. I work in IT, play in IT, and fanatically follow New Zealands national game, rugby union, like any good Kiwi ought to. I have a lovely partner and co mortgagee Susan who has made sacrifice after sacrifice in order to get (and keep) me up flying. She bought me a trial flight in 2000 and four years of saving later I am actually flying. Her enthusiasm for me flying was and is an added incentive for me never to quit.

We don't have any children but keep our lives full by trying to stop our 2 year old dog Blu from destroying the house we are attempting to buy off the bank who owns most of it.

The start of this blog sees me at a fairly advanced stage of my flying, having as I type this intro accrued 54 hours since my first tentative lesson on June 5 2004. I'll post my thoughts which I brain dumped into a word document after each lesson individually so you can make comments (or make fun) of my hapless plunges into the wild blue yonder.