Lesson 8. Revision 9am, Saturday 28 August 2004

Its days like that morning that motivate you to fly. What a stunner (visibility was forecast at 75km). No briefing, just into the plane and up. Takeoff a bit messy. I asked for a climbing turn transition to a level turn and I got it. We did a couple of basic stalls and I did them fairly well. I still have a problem with the changing nature of the control surfaces. Unlike a car, the control surfaces response changes with the rate of airflow over them, in lay terms, the faster you go, the smaller adjustments to the controls you need to make. My problem is that the reverse is also true. I don’t fly the plane properly when we are slowing down.

Not much else to say here, we did a nice approach and did probably my best landing to date, right on the stall horn. Roger is a stickler for airmanship, and it is these little things that I am picking up on. Airmanship is one of the things I want to get right and practise right because it saves lives. Next up its power and flap stalls.