Rejoining solo – Saturday 22 January 2.30pm

Would you believe this is another first. My first ever completely solo flight. From pre-flight to engine shutdown I did not see or speak with an instructor. Basically I was to repeat exactly (without the mistakes) what Greg and I had done in the morning. The circuit was thankfully a lot quieter and the guy in the tower (not the one I had in the morning flight) was a lot easier on me. I toyed with the idea of sneaking off and overflying our house but that little voice in my head told me to stick with the game plan so I did. Pretty much the flight went like clockwork. I had to go around after the second rejoin from Temple View due to other traffic but other than that it was uneventful. Actually, it was rather enjoyable because I actually got to fly somewhere on my own other than around the airfield which was a great feeling.