A small set back

I failed the Navigation written by one question. This was due to a few factors. One, I didn't sit the test until about 8 months after I had the night course. Two, I burned lots of time answering questions I was not sure of and ended up having to guess the last 3 questions (thankfully it is a multi choice exam). Three, I wasn't 100% certain of my ability with the (cursed) E6B flight computer, which for those that don't know is basically a circular slide rule designed for aviation use. In the hands of someone other than myself its a useful tool able to complete quite complex math and geometry problems in seconds. :)

After sitting the exam I thought I was going to fail but I knew there was a small chance I had guessed some of the questions correctly that I might have snuck through, but it wasn't to be. I have applied to redo the test, and I'll put some time in with an instructor going over my weak points. I am confident I will be able to pass on the second time around.