Where I am up to right now

I realised my blog is a bit jumbled but thats due to starting it late in my training. My current status is as follows, I have completed all the basic flight maneouvers, the 5 hours solo consolidation, the 5 hours simulated instrument time, and all the advanced flight maneouvers except crosswind landings. I have gained 5 passes out of the 6 written examinations I need before I qualify for the PPL checkride. The only obstacle in my way is the Flight Navigation exam. I must pass this exam before I can undertake solo cross country flights, and I need 10 hours of cross country flying (and a crosswind takeoff/landing endorsement) before I can sit my checkride.

As of right now my logbook says I have:

56.7 hours Total time including:
41.6 hours dual
15.1 hours PIC
5.1 hours simulated instrument

Not the fastest ever but speed or frugal spending was never my intention from the outset of my training. I wanted to have fun along the way, learn at my pace and make sure I got things right. I have done just that and enjoyed every second of it.