Depression, and not the weather kind

I have spent a total of NZ$12,000 on my flying training so far (I still have approx NZ$2500 in my account as yet unspent) and now they are upping the price again. Susan asked me last night when we drove to the pet store to pick up a large sack of dog food if I was enjoying my flying and when I didn't immediately answer yes I got to thinking.

What concerns me is with the tightening of our spending due to the rather rampant inflation NZ is experiencing I wonder if after all this effort and money that I will be able to afford to enjoy my license once I get it. It doesn't look like the world oil price is going to fall a significant amount anytime soon. The only redeeming feature is that because aviators don't need to pay road tax the price of AV gas has not exploded exponentially (the price has increased 40% in 6 months) like MO gas has.

After a night to think it over the answer is yes, I do enjoy flying (I like to think of it as a habit because the feelings you get and the costs are similar to drugs). I really want to get my license and share the fun with my family and friends, especially Susan.


Oshawapilot said…
What is your currency in NZ, Euan?

Here, worst case scenario for me once I finish my training, I can fly as little as once every 30 days, and remain current.

I plan to fly at *least* once every month (!), and wife permitting, probably 3 or 4 times per month.

I'm hoping I can find alot of friends/family/strangers/anyone with a pulse to cost-share with once I'm done. This will certainly make things more affordable. :-)
Euan Kilgour said…
There is no specific currency limits other than a biannual flight review and a minimum of 3 takeoffs and landings every 90 days if you wish to carry passengers.

My plan is to fly at least once a month weather permitting. The monthly club competitions give me a great opportunity to keep up to standard on my unusual maneouvers and emergency procedures as well as stay current.

And yes, the friends and family element are a big aspect. If things go well I could have my PPL by Xmas (the height of the NZ summer) and I think there won't be a shortage of people willing to go up with me. Whether or not they are willing to pay their share is another matter entirely however! :)