Annual Club Dinner

On a dark and stormy night, about 40 members of the Club gathered for the annual dinner and prize giving. A few posts back I mentioned the Annual Club Competition, well this was where everyone found out who won what. I felt quietly confident that I had done well on the Student Manouvers competition but as it happened I was awarded the following:

Runner up in the Mosquito Cup for Junior Bombing
Runner up in the Gentlemans Circuits (can't remember the name of the trophy)
Winner of the Airways Cup for Student Manouvers

So apart from being pleasently surprised that I had placed in a couple of competitions (the Gentlemans circuits are open to all pilots from student to ATPL, but all 3 top places were won by students) I was over the moon to have won the Airways Cup.

This means I will have the opportunity to represent the Club at the Regionals should I choose to, but it will depend on whether or not I am in checkride prep mode or not.

The guest speakers were the Chief Operating Manager and Test Pilot from Alpha Aviation who gave the Club and informative chat about our 3 A160's the Club has ordered. We will be getting serial numbers 2, 3, and 4 off the production line. All 3 planes are aerobatically rated (to +6g, -3g) and they showed us a short video clip of the plane being put through its paces and it looked very impressive. I can't wait to take one up for a spin (pun intended). If any of you Americans or Canadians are interested apparently an American company is in licensing negotiations to manufacture the A160 for the US/Canadian market.