Bad news and good news

Bad news: I came last at the Nationals. I was fairly gutted yes, but in hindsight I realise I didn't really want to win, or else I would have put far more effort into practising. The Club however came third in the coveted Wigram Cup (won by an accumulation of points by placing of your club in 4 events, Junior and Senior Landings, Instrument Flight and Non-Instrument Circuits). And team member Viv won the Instrument Flight. Well done champ! Australia won the Trans-Tasman Wings Cup, but boy was it close. After a tie the points countback had them come out on top.

I really enjoyed the weekend and met some very nice people from all around New Zealand and Australia. Gee pilots are nice people, even the ultra competitive ones.

Good news: I finally passed the PPL Flight Navigation examination! I think that about redeems my ghastly performance at the Nationals. Now I look forward to 10 hours of cross country flying. My flight training is finally back on track! Will post how that goes as soon as I organise the flights.