Still here!

Yes I am still here. Things have been a bit lean on the flying front. I really need to kick myself back into gear and go ahead and book the rest of the cross country flights. This time of year brings some of the best flying conditions with cool clear days with light winds. I will say in my defense that I have been keeping up my reading and revision of all my lessons and ground studies at the least so I haven't been entirely derelict in my duties.

On the Aero Club front the first new Alpha 160 from Alpha Aviation took to the air recently in time to be on static display at the Warbirds over Wanaka Airshow 2006. The next three aircraft off the production line are heading to Waikato Aero Club so their unveiling will be something special indeed.

I hope that one day I'll get to go up in one of these aircraft as I have sat in one and they certainly look like they will be a lot of fun to fly.