Sorry to leave you hanging like that

I did not sit my test on the 19th. The weather in New Plymouth was blowing at 45knots across the only serviceable runway. A guy in a light twin who had stopped for gas in Hamilton took one look at the weather report and declared he wasn't going to New Plymouth either. Head Instructor Roger rang up the Examiner and he was in a bit of trouble as well, the wind had been so strong it had blown in the doors of his hanger and nearly damaged one of the aircraft inside. He asked to take some time to take stock and organise repairs and he'd get back to Roger regarding a new checkride time. I went back to work, anxiously waiting for the phone call. When it came I was out of the office but received a note to call the Aero Club, so I rang up and was told it was rescheduled for Wednesday the 21st. Well, as I write this my flight test day is due to start in about 10 hours so its time to get some sleep (if thats possible) and prepare myself for the big day.

Will post full report tomorrow (weather permitting of course).