Ready to fly

My license arrived in the mail today without fanfare or drama. Its kind of strange that I look at a small rectangle of laminated plastic and paper and it reminds me of how much money, time, frustration and elation is tied up in it. But at the same time I don't think, man I've come a long way. I think, man I have a lot to learn. They say your Private License is a license to learn. I think now I'm beginning to see the truth in that statement.


Chris said…
Congratulations on receiving it! Yeah it is rather innocous but represents so much.

Since passing I have now accumulated around 150 hours and it is staggering how much you learn after the official training has ended.

Happy flying!
Euan Kilgour said…
Yikes! Are you going for a commercial license then?
Amod said…
congrats man !! A great milestone achieved. Blue skies !!!