A new goal

After some thought I've hit upon an idea. Once I get my archer rating I'll get some more time in it to consolidate before I embark on my new goal, formation flying. Competitive formation flying requires a steady hand, a decent plane and plenty of planning and trust in your team mates. I talked to a couple of pilots with experience in formation flying and they had nothing to say but good things. Oh well, its a long way off (probably next year) but its something to aim at.


Rodney said…
Gidday Euan,

I like your blog. Nicely done! I used to fly at Auckland Aero Club, now in Wellington, so flying out of Wellington Aero Club (kinda logical I guess!).

You'll enjoy the formation flying - I did it for 3 years at AAC, competed in several regionals and nationals (last one was Motueka 2005) - formation was the most fun, and perhaps the best, flying I've ever done!