I've run out of money. With two trips to Australia just bought and paid for that's pretty much used all available flying funds in the short term. And just my luck, the weather has started to improve. With more than 100 hours in the C-172 I'm confident I can fly that without too many issues but I have barely 10 hours in the PA28-181 and I want to consolidate my time in it before I take passengers around the countryside.


Jack said…
Bummer Euan! A belated congrats. on getting signed off to fly the Archer. That was my first Piper after approx. 200 hours in C-172s. I did about 20 hours in the Archer when I started instrument lessons...then bought the Arrow.
Euan Kilgour said…
Well my feelings on the Archer have been well documented. :)

The Club also operates an Arrow for those people who want to move up to complex aircraft. I might give it a go after I tick up some decent time in the Archer.

As for the Instrument Rating, its probably not worth it in New Zealand simply because of the conditions and the low amount of hours I'll be flying. I get the feeling that I would not get as much use out of it as I'd need to maintain currency.
Rodney said…
The Arrow is fun and [fairly] easy to fly... really it's just an Archer with a couple of different knobs and levers :-)

I did my Arrow rating after about 150/200 hours on PA38's and C172's... then got signed off on the other PA28's later.

I would not want to be flying it [or anything else!] overweight, or to take other risks, as a hard landing on retractable gear may not be nice :-)