New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year all you lurkers out there in cyberspace. Reading other pilots blogs I realised I haven't set myself some flying goals for 2007, which I think are a great idea, so here they are:

1) Get more cross country time in the Archer
2) Fly to White Island and back (in the Archer)
3) Take Susan and friends out to Great Barrier Island (in the Archer)
4) If time and finances allow, get a rating in the Piper Cherokee Arrow.
5) Go landing on airfields around the Waikato as suggested by one of my readers Aaron.

The first 3 are goals I want to achieve this year. The others can wait for adequate weather, time and money to permit me to fulfil them.


Rob said…
I hope to one day visit your islands... I bet the flying is absolutely beautiful.

I'm a reagular reader of your blog... some great writing and flying.

Aaron Martin said…
I'd be keen to come to White Island with you
Euan Kilgour said…
Rob: NZ is beautiful for sure, but it looks even better from the air. Trust me on this.

Aaron: Looks like we'll have a full plane then, unless you want to go in formation...
Aaron Martin said…
Either or is fine for me, when were you thinking of going?
Euan Kilgour said…
Feb or March. Pretty busy right now.