Pics from Saturday

1) Me flying while you can look out over the Southern Waikato. Note the contrails from the morning commercial commuter planes flying between Auckland and Wellington and beyond.

2) Awesome shot looking north up the wild west coast of the North Island. In midframe you can see the entrance to Aotea Harbour and in the distance you can see Mt Karioi, standing near the entrance to Raglan Harbour.

3) Looking southeast over Aotea Harbour. Kawhia Harbour can be seen in the top right of frame.

4) An awesome piece of headland on the west coast just north of Aotea Harbour. This was taken from 1700 feet but one of these days Chris and I should go back and take some shots from 500-1000. I think that bit of coast would look even more spectacular at low level.

5) Taken looking behind me looking north over Hamilton city as we entered the control zone at around 1400 feet.

These are the top 5 I selected from the 50 or so shots Perraine took. They are used with his kind permission. Also thanks to my work collegue Nick for sorting out the html and making this post much more presentable.


Rob said…
The pics you posted are great.

The fact that it's hilly with cliffs on the shoreline and mountains in the distance really gives one the impression of height... if that makes sense.
Chris Nielsen said…
So when we going to take those photos?
Euan Kilgour said…
Rob: yeah it does make sense... I think ;-)

Chris: whenever we can get a plane and a nice day. Its only about 15-20 minutes away from Hamilton.
Rodney said…
Nice pics Euan. Almost reminds me of home. I flew out of AR for around 7 years, and have been around these areas quite often.