An unfortunate first

My first ill passenger. They were not a squeamish nor nervous passenger at all. It was the fact she was wearing too heavy clothing for the day and the effects of the sun shining into a Cessna 172 cabin with 4 people in it got a bit too much for her. She reached for a "discomfort bag" but there wasn't one there. I noticed this and switched on instantly to what was wrong and instructed Susan in the back to pass one over. I rolled wings level and trimmed for straight and level, made sure she was OK, and made the logical command decision to return to the airport. As this flight was just a scenic over Hamilton city the ground would only be about 3 minutes flight away, I chose not to call an emergency as she was fine (as one can be I guess) after vomitting. But I requested the seal runway so I could at least spend more time on the landing, which paid off because it was a nice one despite a 15 degree crosswind.

Now its just a matter of finding a plane rather than a fine weekend because it seems every pilot in NZ is coming out of the woodwork and having type ratings in 4 aircraft in the Waikato Aero Club fleet isn't enough to secure a plane whenever I want to go up.

With luck I'll be going on a cross country as soon as a free plane coincides with a free weekend. :-)


Chris Nielsen said…
I wondered why you came back early!