Aero Club Open Day

The Aero Club finally had the official hand over of our 3 new Alpha A160's. As a club member I volunteered to help out and was put to work looking after the two computers running Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 Professional to give some of those budding pilots a free taste of being at the controls. The weather started out damp and gray but improved steadily as the day went on. A number of Warbird aircraft and some light twins turned up to supplement the Aero Club's fleet which apart from JGP which was in Christchurch with Chris were all in attendance as well as a couple of aircraft which belong to members.

I took my trusty camera along a snapped a few pics as I was able to stick my head out the window of the classroom where the computers were. Unfortunately, my duties kept me from witnessing the early flying displays so I missed most of the main event, a formation fly past of the three Alpha's but I got some pics of them.

Other flying displays: the Harvard Team, Giles 202, Sukhoi 95, Pitts Special and something really special, an awesome beatup by a beautifully restored F4G Corsair. CFI Roger had organised for me to take photos from the balcony up in the control tower and he did some fairly close passes. I'll post photos after this.

At the end of a great day the majority of the club members helped tidy up and before we knew it the apron in front of the Aero Club was restored to its normal appearance and it was beer 'o' clock.