Whats with the weather?

Todays Met for Hamilton:

SPECI NZHN 060105Z 34010KT 3000S SHRA FEW010 SCT015 BKN035 12/10

15KM RED 3000 SHRA=

TAF NZHN 052134Z 052112
34005KT 30KM -SHRA BKN030
BECMG 2123 34015KT
TEMPO 0006 4000 RA BKN014 FEW020CB
BECMG 0103 28015KT
BECMG 0911 33005KT
TEMPO 1012 6000 SHRA
2000FT WIND 29025KT =

Pretty typical for the last month, hence no flying and no activity here. Its ironic that for a lot of the previous months its been financial issues which have grounded me, only to have the weather chip in when I finally get some money. I have our annual club competitions coming up soon and I'd like to get some practice in beforehand. Just so my competitors know I have entered in:

Bombing (now this is fun, and I believe everyone should give it a go)
Life Raft Dropping (flying without a door on is fun enough, but you get to throw things out as well!)
Circuits (I only do this to have a crack at the grid landing)
Landings (see above)
Forced Landings (well I haven't practised one of these for ages so it will be interesting to say the least)

If any of you lurkers are in NZ and want to have a go, come along. You don't have to be current, as an instructor acts as air judge (and instructor for those who need it). I would recommend that as a prerequisite you are comfortable with handling a plane in a circuit. Contact the Waikato Aero Club (link is in the side bar) and come have some fun.


Rodney said…
Yeah, the weather has been a bit weird recently. Apparantly it was supposed to get windy in Wellington on Saturday, but it was great for my BFR [I passed... yippee!] :-) ... not good on Sunday though.
Euan Kilgour said…
Windy in Wellington eh? Will wonders never cease? :-)
Chris Nielsen said…
Wx is supposed to be shit this weekend - maybe they'll move it to the backup weekend and we'll both get some time to practise??