Pics from Sunday's Flight

I got my hands on some of the photos taken on Sundays flight so here they are. Unfortunately, they are displayed in reverse chronological order so for those of you that know Hamilton well it doesn't give an accurate depiction of the flight.

I'm still not all that up with the play as far as html formatting goes so I'll caption them here and hopefully will format them properly later.

1) Looking south over Hamilton Lake. Mt Kakepuku is in the left distance and Mt Pirongia is in the right distance.

2) Looking south down the main street of Hamilton.

3) Looking over the sporting belt - in the foreground is Waikato Stadium, home of the Mighty Mooloo rugby union team, and near the top center is Seddon Park, an excellent Cricket ground.

4) In a turn looking southeast over the city. The big white building to the right of the A pillar centre shot is the Te Rapa Pool Complex.

5 and 6) The University of Waikato where we all work (for the time being). In pic 5, the buildings appear to make a 'S' lying on its side. The 3 buildings in the right of frame are where we all work. Photo 6 doesn't show a sizable portion of the campus because its obscured by the wing of the plane.