Another milestone past

The previous Ardmore trip as well as my weekend trip to Whitianga (photos + film to follow) allowed me to tick over the 50 hours PIC mark. My new goal is 40 hours Archer time (there is also a total time requirement but I meet that) so the Club will let me fly the Arrow.

Isn't it funny how you are told things time and time again by your instructor that you just don't get, then one day something happens and you realise they were right all along? Well this weekend the lesson I learned was about leaning the mixture. I was taught to lean above 3000 AMSL for best power and to save the engine from carbon buildup in the cylinders from unburnt or half burnt fuel. But what I found out was how much fuel you can save when the plane is only burning 40 litres an hour instead of 55!

The pics and movie were taken on the return flight to Hamilton as my camera sat in my bag the whole trip over. The weather was nicer on the return flight and it was a lot smoother as the late afternoon meant cooler air and less turbulence.


Rodney said…
Congrats Euan on the milestone!
Chris Nielsen said…
Yeah, good one mate..
Kiwi Flyer said…
Hi Euan, came across your blog a long time ago, and thought I'd do a similar sort of thing. Havn't seen you out at the club before, but hopefully will some time in the future.

Interesting blog, too!