Happy New Year

Welcome to 2008 everyone! Well lets briefly look back before going forwards. In 2007 I said I wanted to:

"1) Get more cross country time in the Archer
2) Fly to White Island and back (in the Archer)
3) Take Susan and friends out to Great Barrier Island (in the Archer)
4) If time and finances allow, get a rating in the Piper Cherokee Arrow.
5) Go landing on airfields around the Waikato as suggested by one of my readers Aaron.

I managed to achieve 1), didn't do 2 (see the relevant blog post) or 3, don't qualify to get 4 (yet), and 5 was financially out of the question. Total flight time for the year was 10.5 hours, with a total overall time of 117.5 hours.

So for 2008 lets look at my goals for this year:

1) Fly more than 10.5 hours
2) Fly to White Island and back (in any aircraft)
3) Take Susan to Great Barrier Island
4) Go on some longer cross countries than I've been doing
5) Go airfield hopping as Aaron suggested
6) Get approval to land at Waiheke Island (I know there are some minimum hours before they'll let me take club planes in there for insurance reasons so I'll check out what they are and let you all know).

{edit} I forgot the most important goal (drum roll please)... pass my BFR!

I want to wish everyone a prosperous and safe 2008!


Chris Nielsen said…
Nice list of things to do..

I should make up a list like that myself I guess...