BFR - the countdown begins

I have 50 days before my BFR is due. I have booked in a BFR with head instructor at the Waikato Aero Club Roger. I think I'll need one more practice flight beforehand to go up and go over the stalls again, since thats the only thing I haven't done recently (if memory serves the last time I did a stall was my max all up weight check for the Archer, about 20 months ago). Other than that its time to bury my head in the books and study up on performance stats and flight planning notes.

I'm fairly confident I'll do well enough to pass, I've been keeping current enough IMO, but time will tell I guess.


ZK-JPY said…
tick tock... tick tock... :)

I still have until Feb 3rd... 2010!
Aaron Martin said…
Might pay to brush up on other things you may not have used in a while, like compass turns and precautionary landings.
Evan said…
Roger keeps telling me :
"You can't fail a BFR. Just look at it as a chance to brush up your skills. You've passed a flight test once, so we know you can do it."

I actually enjoy BFRs. I got some really good practice at real bad weather flying and cross wind landings (20kts at 90°) last time. Normally I just don't fly when its not ideal conditions. Skills you don't use are skills you soon lose.
ZK-JPY said…
"Skills you don't use are skills you soon lose."

I am so stealing that... that is a great quote!

ps. you don't have any relatives living in Levin do you? I have to ask being a Yates myself ;)
Evan said…

Sorry for the long silence (and apologies to Euan for using his blog comments to carry on a side conversation)

I'm not aware of any Levin links (my Yates clan are from the far-far north) but we have in the past sent scouts to maintain outposts on the frontiers... ;-)
Euan Kilgour said…
I am the king of sidetracking conversations, so go right ahead Evan.