BFR - Strike 2

If I ever decide to do a CPL, I shall plan to sit my flight test in February, because sitting my PPL flight test in July has meant getting a decent enough day to sit my BFR on top of tying down a B cat and a suitable aircraft has been nigh on impossible.

My first attempt on June 9th was socked in with fog, and a reschedule to the 26th has seen a forecast 2000 foot wind of 35 knots and heavy rain making me kind of wary of sitting a flight test under those conditions. In actual fact, looking around the Aero Club and the airport in general and seeing all the planes tied down and covered meant that no one was brave (or stupid) enough to chance their arm, and I'm more cowardly than most!

I have rescheduled for the 8th of July, which is the day before my BFR lapses and I revert to student privileges. Its not really that much of an issue, but my attempts to be proactive about it have been thwarted thus far. Here's hoping that the weather will calm down, the plane will be serviceable and the B-Cat is healthy.

And here's my homage to another one of my fellow Bloggers Rodney, who posts wonderful pictures of aircraft visiting Wellington airport. Right next door to the Aero Club is an aircraft maintenance firm whose reputation is such that we get all sorts of interesting aircraft showing up parked outside their hangar. This one caught my eye because it is one of the planes I would love to get rated in and possibly jointly own if the opportunity presented itself and I was financially able (which I am not at present). A Rockwell Commander 114. What you don't see is that parked next to the Commander is an airworthy Consolidated PBY Catalina undergoing maintenance.