2009 Already!

Firstly, I want to wish you all a very happy and safe 2009. Well after promising you lots of flying I have done the exact opposite. The only excuse I shall offer is that Christmas cost more than we were expecting and it has taken us some time to pay it off to the point that there is money in the bank to go flying with. Yeah it’s a pretty lame one, but that’s the honest truth.

Let me go back 12 months and see what I listed:

1) Fly more than 10.5 hours – I am at approximately 135 hours so CHECK!
2) Fly to White Island and back (in any aircraft) – Still haven’t done this. :(
3) Take Susan to Great Barrier Island - CHECK
4) Go on some longer cross countries than I've been doing – Sadly no.
5) Go airfield hopping as Aaron suggested – No again.
6) Get approval to land at Waiheke Island (I know there are some minimum hours before they'll let me take club planes in there for insurance reasons so I'll check out what they are and let you all know). – And no.

Two from six isn’t great. I did pass my BFR so thats all good.
Lets look at some goals for 2009.

1) Get checked out in the new Archer
2) Fly to White Island and back
3) Go on some longer cross countries
4) Get checked out for landing at Waiheke
5) Have an aerobatic lesson (or two)

And the drumroll again for the most important goal... pass my flight medical!


ZK-JPY said…
White Island is pretty cool. Was happy that I managed to get this done.

I would suggest flying to Whakatane, gassing up and then heading out from there. It's like $5 landing if you pay in the honesty box... and it will no doubt improve your crosswind technique ;)
Euan Kilgour said…
Been into Whakatane mate, I know all about the crosswind. That movie is me landing a fully loaded 172 in a gusty crosswind just after the guy sitting behind me blew chucks all over my seat (fortunately he missed me).

Chris Nielsen said…
Don't forget who else he blew chunks over !!
ZK-JPY said…
Brings new meaning to the phrase "Awwww... stink bro!" hahahaah

I am trying to figure out why all the strips along the Bay of Plenty are all parallel to the coast? I am fairly sure sea-breezes are not a new phenomenon