Club Competitions 2009 - Sunday

Today was the liferaft and bombing competitions, with other events like Aerobatics and Navigation taking place away from the airport so I don't have any photos. Although I flew briefly on Saturday (forced landings) I did not any snaps of my flying. As I required a backseater to assist me with the liferaft dropping on the Sunday, I have some aerial shots I can include as well as a movie of my landing. Without giving too much away, I can report that the best bomb of the day (definitely NOT mine) landed within 5 meters of the 2 square meter white PVC target you can see in the photo above. Not exactly military precision but not too bad for a bunch of amateurs.

Oh and just so you know, that same 2m square white target can be seen in the top photo taken downwind at 500' AGL. If you follow the perpendicular grass runway from east to west you'll find it just behind and to the right of the control tower. Note how you cannot make out any people standing around wearing high visibility vests, but I assure you that they are there!


Rodney said…
Hi Euan,

Nice photos and video, as also! Greetings from Slovenia!

dipak khatri said…
Hi Freind,
Nice photography.
Deepak Khatri