Happy 2010

Happy New Year to all! I want to wish you all the best for 2010.

Review of 2009:

Way back in January I said:

Lets look at some goals for 2009.

1) Get checked out in the new Archer
2) Fly to White Island and back
3) Go on some longer cross countries
4) Get checked out for landing at Waiheke
5) Have an aerobatic lesson (or two)

And the drumroll again for the most important goal... pass my flight medical!

1) Check. I did a checkout flight, but the fact the Archer is not airswitched and costs the same as the Arrow per hour it's not really worth it for me to spend my money on.
2) Nope, still no luck there. Maybe this year...
3) Actually I managed to do this, with a flight to New Plymouth and back.
4) Nope. Well this may not happen because it seems to be more trouble than its worth.
5) Nope. I spent my flying budget on a type rating and some cross countries. I will get to this but it is no longer a high priority for me.

Two out of five, can't really say I am on a roll here. But I DID pass my flight medical!

To summarize what I did in 2009, I flew 24 flights, gained 1 type rating, flew into a military airbase for an open day, had a trial flight in a helicopter, flew 18.1 hours in total. I don't think that's too bad.

Now to put some goals on paper for 2010...

1) More cross countries
2) Aerobatic flight
3) Fly into RNZAF Ohakea for the Open Day
4) Fly into Wellington (they tell me its character building - eeek)
5) Pass my BFR!!


Rodney said…
I'd be more frightened of the Hamilton mayhem than Wellington. Just pick a nice day and you'll be right!

Happy New Year!
PropellerHead said…
Wellington is pretty cool - check out my blog for my recent experience there. The aero club there are friendly and helpful and ATC seem pretty efficient. You may get a bit of a delay if there are several jets/turboprops in quick succession but the views over the harbour are stunning - Best of luck, mate - Barry (Propellerhead)