Airshow Season 1

Phew! Its been a while. Well I have not been totally idle, February/March is airshow time, and I attended a couple of the bigger ones, although the biggest, Wings of Wanaka, was beyond my finances this time. First up was a trip to Tauranga for the Tauranga Airshow.

Airborne over the Thames basin looking north at the Kaimais. Matamata airfield can be seen to the left of the A pillar above the small window.
Over Tauranga city looking at the airport at 1700 feet as we make a right turn to join left hand downwind for Runway 25.

Our trusty steed, the Arrow, parked up on Grass 16/34 at Tauranga Airport.
A generous P-40 pilot decided to do their runups right next to where we were standing on the flight line so I thought I would oblige them. Sorry about the over-saturation but I heinously overexposed the shot and had to fiddle with it to get it to look right.

I didn't get a lot of decent photo's, but it was an awesome day. I reckon it may end up rivaling Wanaka if it gets much bigger. The only gripe was that I injured myself but that is another story for a different blog.

More to come very soon.


Julien said…
Don't worry about it, the oversaturated colours give the photo a very vintage feel, kind of like the first colour movies shot near the end of WWII :-)