Airshow Season 2

Exactly 4 weeks to the day after the Tauranga Airshow we left Hamilton once more for the sunny Coromandel to attend the Mercury Bay Air Show.

Looking west as we climb through 1000 feet off runway 18 and NZHN.

The old one lane Kopu bridge over the Thames river with it's much more modern replacement being built adjacent to it.

Passing through 3000 feet looking north up the penninsula as we climb to clear the Coromandel range.

Looking northwest as we descend into the Coroglen gorge approaching Whitianga from the south.

This shot taken immediately after the previous one, with Mercury Bay in the back ground and Whitianga airfield just to the right of the nose with about 6 nautical miles to go before we are overhead. I recall we were racing a Robin coming in from Auckland to our left and a 172 coming from the south east to our right, but we were coming down at around 160 knots ground speed so we were going to get there first easily.

Looking at the windsock once we were overhead we'd have a crosswind no matter what so we chose the longest runway that was as into wind as we were going to get which was 04 at that time.

Here's the movie of the landing.


Chris Nielsen said…
Thanks for posting this - I'd forgotten how cool it is to see yourself land, especially when it's a good landing!!!
deeknow said…
Awesome view of the Gorge, looks like a fun outing Euan