Winter currency

Flying is not like riding a bicycle. Skills must be practiced in order to keep them from rusting. I haven't flown since May (my BFR) and I thought a few circuits would maintain my currency at the legal minimum. The weather was better than I was expecting, with very light winds, but there was cloud floating past at 700 and 1200 feet AGL so it made keeping track of the other 4 aircraft in the circuit problematic at times. I would be at circuit height looking for someone on the base leg ahead of me but they would duck behind a wisp of cloud and I'd have to wait a couple of seconds to pick them up again on the far side. It was good to have a busy circuit to contend with though, maintaining the ability to mentally follow all the aircraft in the vicinity is another skill worth keeping sharp.

Landing-wise I did pretty well considering I haven't flown the Arrow for several months (logbook says last flight was April 12). As I alluded to in the first paragraph, the weather has not been particularly good for flying over the past two months, and for us weekend warriors the curse has been having to go to work on Wednesday in near perfect flying conditions only to see them deteriorate by the weekend. Such is life, here's hoping for better weather soon!


PropellerHead said…
I know exactly what you mean Euan. I have a three week break from flying due to work and overseas holiday and even then what's the betting the weather will be IFR conditions or worse for my next booking?! Couldn't go up last Thursday (usually a non-work day) and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! GRRR!!!!