That time of year again

For those of you who like to read the comments in my posts, you'll be aware that the annual Waikato Aero Club competitions are coming up this weekend! I have signed up for the following competitions: Circuits, Landings, Bombing, Life Raft Dropping, Forced Landings Without Power and the obligatory Defective Pre-Flight.

I have challenged fellow blogger and Club member Propellorhead to best me in the Landings competition, but unfortunately for both of us it seems the weather isn't in a charitable mood and it is likely we will be rained out.

If any other club members read my blog, turn up and have a go! The costs are as low as the club can make them and it really is fun and something slightly different to your normal flying which I guarantee you will challenge your ability.


Rodney said…
Hiya mate,

I'm going to Liferaft dropping and Bombing here at Wellington. Shoudl be fun!