Club Competition 2010 results

At a very nice evening at the Clubrooms where a merry time was had by all, in between courses we had the presentation of awards for the recent club competition. I managed: 3rd place in the Defective Preflight, 3rd in Forced Landings (even with the bounce!) and 2nd in Senior Circuits. Our CFI Roger announced our Regional competition team, and it sounds fairly strong, we'll need it to be because we are hosting them in November!

The weather has been awful recently, with all the bad stuff, low cloud, strong winds and heavy raid all frequenting my home town. I literally have not flown since the Club Competitions but hopefully the weather will start to improve and I can get back into the air once more.


ZK-JPY said…
Well done on the results, Euan :)

Good to see you're still flying... The last post I saw back in Feb had you out of action!