Tauranga Trip Photos 1

Just realised I had not posted the photos from my recent Tauranga flight. Here they are as promised, used here by kind permission of Andrew Gera.

Looking east as we clear Hamilton airspace. Centre right in the background is Lake Karapiro and behind it is Mt Maungatautari.

Looking east as we cross the Kaimai ranges. The altimeter was reading 3500 AMSL but it doesn't look like 3500 feet to the ground!

Bottom of descent as we level off at 1500 on a Racecourse 1 arrival into Tauranga. Mt Maunganui is centre shot, note the airspeed indicator, 150 knots, yeah baby!

Flying a Racecourse 1 arrival. West of Tauranga city at 1500 until abeam the Hospital (a bit difficult to make out but it's in there somewhere), report abeam and hold awaiting further instructions. Not much traffic around (for Tauranga that is, there was a lot of activity on the radio) so we expect to be cleared to descend into the circuit without delay.

Looking back the way we came whilst downwind for runway 25.

More to come.

[Edit] For some reason the photos don't link to the larger version. I'll work on fixing this soon.