Quest for the perfect glide approach

I took FWS up, and according to my logbook is quite some time since I last flew an Archer, this is because the Arrow so awesome to fly... well, it is, but its also a lot cheaper to fly comparatively so my dollar stretches further. I chose FWS for two reasons: 1, it was free; and 2, it's missing its wheel spats so I figured it would have more similar glide characteristics to the Arrow due to the extra drag.

A normal circuit to iron out any kinks in my checks and handling, which went fairly well, although getting reacquainted with the fabled Archer cough took me by surprise again. Now I can't speak for all Archers, but the engine in the two the Aero Club has like to hesitate briefly when power is applied at any pace other than an agonizingly slow trickle. Not having to worry about landing gear or your prop setting was quite refreshing, but I quickly realized a spat-less Archer does not an Arrow make. For one the Archer is lighter and has a totally different wing, and the differences on final were quite marked. I ended up floating for some distance down the runway when I made my first approach at 70 knots.

The second circuit I did at 65 and it was more agreeable, but I still had too much speed crossing the piano keys. The next circuit I was going to start my glide approaches but by the time ATC got back to me to approve the glide I was too far downwind so had to cancel my attempt. Instead I chose to perform a precision approach. When I reached my decision height I said aloud that I would have gone around because although I was on centreline I was too fast, but I elected to continue with the landing to practice some more.

Next time around I finally got a glide approach in, and even though I quickly converted to the best glide attitude I didn't make the runway.

Finally got a glide in from the right spot on downwind, carb heat hot, throttle closed, turn in towards runway keeping landing spot in sight and lined up with my reference point on the wing. Double check speed, trim, adjust course because we hit a patch of lift, hold off the flaps until I am absolutely certain we will make the runway. OK turn final now, check height, we are high, so drop some flap, carb heat cold, throw in a little side slip, not too much, OK wings level, drop the last of the flap, check speed, check height, line up, OK raise the nose slowly, slower than that, OK there's the landing attitude, hold it, hold it, there's the stall buzzer, touchdown!

Overall, not bad, I still need some more practice, but I'll take it. Got some interesting flights planned now that summer is just around the corner, so for where I am in my currency I am feeling good. Hopefully will have photos and video to show you once they're done.