What not to do when refuelling your aircraft

Do not park your aircraft perpendicular to the fuel pump island instead of parallel.
Do not forget to turn off the master switches prior to pumping gas.
Do not forget to disconnect and retract the earthing wire prior to taxiing.
Do not do all of the above in front of a club full of onlooking pilots including 3 instructors and 2 former Aero Club head instructors.

In case you are wondering, yes this actually happened, yes I was there, no it wasn't me.


ZK-JPY said…
Surprised they didn't do all that whilw talking on a cellphone and having a smoke!

Sounds like they were a bit distracted or in a rush or something...

Was it a local or someone visiting?
Flyinkiwi said…
It was a student from a neighbouring flight school using our pumps because theirs were full.