More pics from Ardmore

I was clearing out the memory card on my camera and I found a pile of photo's I had promised back in July.  Whoops.  So without further ado, here we go.

A fellow Arrow getting gas (a turbo Arrow too!)

A Cessna 162 FlySkycatcher belonging to Auckland Aero Club.  The future of GA?

A couple of Airtourers and a Birddog.  The NZ Warbirds hangar on a nice weekend is always a good place to be.  

A Harvard faithfully waiting for the next flight of the day.  

The Beaver, sadly I didn't get to see this beauty flying on this occasion.

This one needs no introduction, but for the non propheads out there, it's the one and only P-51D Mustang.  Owner and pilot Graham Bethell was doing his preflight walkaround when we wandered past.

In the July post I mentioned the low cloud we flew over on the way to Ardmore,  well this was taken at around 4.30pm about 2 miles east of Huntly at 2000 feet.  The poor folk living under that cloud had fog ALL day.  The hill poking through the cloud in the middle of shot is Taupiri Mountain, a hill sacred to local Maori.


Brandon said…
Your picture of the Beaver reminded me of a website that I've squandered more than a few minutes on...

Here's a link to the page of that specific Beaver...

I would encourage you to submit your photo, if that's ok with you.
ZK-JPY said…
Just thought I'd point out that the 2nd "airtourer" is in fact a CT/4A Airtrainer :)

From memory... SN# 001... I even have some (upside-down) time in this ;)