This is your captain speaking

Its been a lean year for posting stuff,  well I have a good reason for that.  At the recent AGM of the Waikato Aero Club I was appointed Club Captain!

So, what does a club captain do?  Well it's kind of hazy because there is no real job description, but if you boil it all down, the Club Captain represents the heart and the soul of the club.  Personally I see it as part PR/Marketing, part Project Management and part Cheerleader.  The PR comes because you are the public persona of the Aero Club.  You assist in the marketing of all social events and assist in promoting the club aspects of the Aero Clubs operations.  The Project Management comes from looking after the Social Committee and driving all the innumerous tasks you need completed to keep things ticking over socially.  The Cheerleader is that you must lead by positive reinforcement others in the club to help you get things done.

I am fortunate enough to have the former club captain stay on as vice captain to help me learn the job on the job.  The Social Committee seems to be fairly strong but its early days yet and I have approximately 12 months to keep everyones head in the game.

Another interesting aspect of being Club Captain is that you have a position on the committee that overseas the business side of the club.  It's a bit of an eye opener being part of the inner sanctum but it is a big responsibility and I am looking forward to it.

Some interesting news, the club has acquired 2 Tecnam P2008's which I believe will be registered and flown under Part 91 (aka GA rules).  The club will have an official launch ceremony when they are ready to come online later on this year (probably around October if there are no delays getting them certified).
As wages go one way and the price of flying goes the other, the fact that light sport aircraft such as these are cheaper to run (whether they are cheaper to maintain remains to be seen) the club can give members the opportunity to fly at the rates we were paying when I first started learning to fly.  Cheaper rates = more flying for people like me on a fixed budget, and that can only be a good thing.

Speaking of when I first started, if you had told me in June of 2004 that 8 years later I would be Club Captain of the Waikato Aero Club I would have looked at you as though you were nuts.  Well 8 years later here I am,  I'm ready for the challenge.  Bring it on!


Rodney said…
Congrats on the "promotion"! By all means work hard, but don't forget that "Flying is Fun"! :-)
Ardmore Pilot said…
Ardmore Pilot said…
PropellerHead said…
Congrats Euan. BTW - once again I am unavailable for the club comps as I am in Wellington 1-2 September :(