Happy 2013

Happy 2013 and all the best to my fellow cyberaviators!

This time last year I said:

OK for 2012:

1) Aerobatic Flight
2) Go on a long Cross Country somewhere different
3) Flight in a twin
4) Flight in a tail dragger
5) Go for a ride in something cool

1)  No
2)  No - although Great Barrier might qualify I have been there before (not solo PIC though).
3)  No
4)  No
5)  Still no.

Not a great start to the year, but the summary makes for better reading.

28 flights totaling 20.8 hours, my third most prolific year since I started flying back in 2004.  I attribute this to getting a new type rating and actually cost sharing a number of trips which kept the cost down and the flight hours up.

Highlights for the year would be the new Tecnam Rating (last type rating was the Arrow in 2009), competing at the regionals in the Liferaft Drop for the first time and my trip to Great Barrier early on.

OK lets look at the list for this year:

1)  Flight in the twin
2)  A long cross country
3)  Complete my PPL terrain awareness training
4)  Aerobatic flight
5)  Still looking for a ride in something cool

PS.  As a footnote I am about to tick over 200 hours total time and 100 hours PIC this year.  A small inebriation celebration is being planned.