Photo mission 3 - the Wind Farm

One of the recent additions to the Waikato skyline is the wind farm.  At present it is only a fraction of its proposed size, but it did offer me and amateur photographer Chris another opportunity to commit aviation photography. 

The day was simply breathtaking.  We've been blessed with more than a few of these sorts of days in New Zealand this summer so it was good to exploit it to its maximum.

My plan was to fly out to it and set up a clockwise orbit so Chris could photograph it from all angles.  We were constrained by airspace above us and to one side, so my hopes of getting a perspective from above did not happen because we would have been shooting into the morning sun and good shots would be difficult at best.

Anyway, enough from me, I'll let the best 4 I chose from the nearly 200 photos Chris took do the talking.  All rights for the pictures belong to Chris Nielsen and are used here with his kind permission.