The good, the bad and the ugly

The good:
  • Finally taking the Lovely Susan back to Pauanui
  • Dealing with poor weather in safe and composed manner
  • Not getting the crap pounded out of us as we crossed the Kaimai ranges
  • Having a clear blue skies waiting for us on the Coromandel
  • Remembering to turn off Spidertracks saving future embarrassment/cake baking

The bad:
  • Having to deal with poor weather
  • The trip taking longer than planned due to several minor course diversions to avoid weather
  • The wind on the ground at Pauanui Beach being colder than in Hamilton
  • Susan not bringing a warm jacket
  • Me complaining about not bringing my camera only to discover later it was still in my flight bag from the previous trip
The ugly:
  •  Probably the worst hot drinks served to us ever.  Water far too hot, taste was insipid,  the above average food made up for it a little though.