Disney's Planes

I went to see this yesterday.  I shall start by saying I will not post spoilers, so if you wish to see this film you may read on without fear.  A lot of internet buzz said it was just a rehash of Cars made with aircraft instead, but since a) I haven't seen Cars, and b) I am a pilot, I didn't care so went in with an open mind.

The bits I liked:
  1. The little homages that show up here and there.  The sort of thing that would go straight over a kids head but a pilot or plane nerd would instantly recognize.
  2. The visuals were fantastic, and I especially liked the realistic physics - this is no Wile E. Coyote vs Roadrunner cartoon.
  3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus does a pretty good Australian accent.
  4. The voice acting overall was for the most part, great.
The not so good parts:
  1. The plot is wafer thin and the characters are rather one dimensional to the point of being stereotypical, but since this is a kids movie it doesn't really matter.
  2. Several of the characters seemed to me to be superfluous to the plot.
  3. Not enough Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards. :-)
  4. Having to share a theatre with a bunch of kids with the following qualities: an incredibly short attention span accentuated by the massive sugar rush they are on, an over developed ability to state the obvious, and a loud and annoying voice.
My overall opinion of the movie is, it is a good solid way of entertaining yourself for 90 minutes, but check your brain at the door.   I saw it in 3D but it will look just as good in 2D, so don't waste your money.


number #4 is exactly the reason I will be waiting for home release.

The ex teacher in me cannot stand people who don't know how to behave and kids are the worst.

Still looking forward to it though