And the winner is...?

Propellerhead.  Well done Barry, you bested me in the Senior Landings, I owe you a beer the next time we meet at the bar.

I placed 3rd in Gents Circuits, 2nd in Senior Bombing, and won the Senior Forced Landings, and I along with dispatcher Andrew successfully defended our Liferaft Drop Title.  I feel particularly proud of that achievement, my first ever back to back victory, and to do it in a competition I really enjoy (I enjoy all flying, but this competition just appeals to me more) was fantastic.

The Central Area Rally (aka the Regionals) will be held at Hamilton this year, so I get the advantage of local knowledge.  Looks like I'm going to need some practice because last year we got well beaten at the Regionals.  This time I am going to put more effort into practicing for it.

Congratulations go to all the other winners and runners up.  


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