Happy 2014

Here we are at the end of January and I have not said a word.  Sorry about that.  Only excuse I can offer is that the weather in NZ has been not very conducive to flight.  Fairly high winds and lower than expected temperatures.  Anyways, this year will see the 10th anniversary of my first ever flight.  Its hard to believe that I will have been flying for 10 years in June.  I've come a long way since that cool Saturday morning I squeezed into EJZ and went up for my first lesson.  Enough nostalgia, lets review 2013:

I said

1)  Flight in the twin
2)  A long cross country
3)  Complete my PPL terrain awareness training
4)  Aerobatic flight
5)  Still looking for a ride in something cool

PS.  As a footnote I am about to tick over 200 hours total time and 100 hours PIC this year.

1)  No
2)  No
3)  Yes - and a lot of fun it was too
4)  No
5)  No :(

I did tick over 200 hours total time and 100 PIC though.  I cannot give you an accurate number right now because my logbook is at home and I am at work.

Lets look forward to 2014:

1)  Flight in the twin (or the 180)
2)  Pass my BFR
3)  Regain my medical (boohoo no more 5 year class 2's for me - too old now)
4)  Aerobatic flight
5)  That elusive ride in something cool

I want to wish you all my very best wishes for 2014.  See you up there somewhere!


PropellerHead said…
Hi Euan, Happy New Year to you :)
A couple of suggestions:
Have a fly with Roger in the 180 (an excellent workout especially on a warm day - lots of using the quite heavy trim wheel!!)
How about going over to Tauranga for a fly in the Stearman or the Agcat - cool enough?
Cheers; Barry