Hi all.  I have been quite busy in real life and have only managed a few flights this year.  Just enough to be current on 3 of the 4 types I am rated in really.  However, this post is about my upcoming trip to the Warbirds over Wanaka Airshow.  This will be my first trip to the airshow, and unfortunately I won't be flying down (that trip appears to be a rite of passage for many club members and is on my bucket list).  But I will be visiting parts of New Zealand I have never been to before which I am definitely looking forward to. Trip report and photos to come.


PropellerHead said…
Hi Euan. I must confess to being a little jealous as not able to go this year. Enjoy!! Fingers crossed for the weather for you - it was fantastic in 2012. Cheers, Barry
Rodney said…
Have fun at Wanaka mate! Hope the trip and the weather go smoothly. I'm guessing there will be a lot of good photos in the week or so :-)