Best Wishes for 2015

Hi everyone, and welcome to 2015.  To think that this blog is more than 10 years old is quite mind boggling, but I am still here and getting up in the air whenever I can.

The 2014 review:
Last year I said:

1)  Flight in the twin (or the 180)
2)  Pass my BFR
3)  Regain my medical (boohoo no more 5 year class 2's for me - too old now)
4)  Aerobatic flight
5)  That elusive ride in something cool
  1. Yes! A most interesting flight it was too.
  2. Yes! And got my Raglan check at the same time.
  3. Yes! Phew!
  4. No.  One of these days...
  5. Kinda.  The R44 flight was definitely interesting, if not cool.
I am a tick under 240 hours total time now.

A wishlist for 2015:

1)  A flight in a taildragger
2)  Aerobatic flight
3)  Fly somewhere I have never been before
4)  Successfully complete an Annual Flight Review (will post more about this later)
5)  A ride in something cool

I wish you all the very best for 2015.


Rodney said…
Nice! Looks like you got a reasonable amount done. I managed to get my night rating last year - hoping to complete the "unrestricted" portion soon. That and a new medical are my main goals for 2015...

All the best!