2016 Aero Club Competition

They came and went, we were blessed with two glorious days of flying.  I competed in the Forced Landings and Liferaft Drop, where my dispatcher Andrew and I were defending our title.  The twist this time was that Andrew now has his PPL so for the first time ever I got to dispatch rather than fly.  Since we had been such a strong team I felt it was only fitting that I repay Andrew for his sterling service over the years.

Fast forward to the awards, I did not even place in the Forced Landings, going around because you get too low does that.  But Andrew and I came first and second in the Liferaft Drop.  We won the event with me flying and Andrew claimed second place on his first ever attempt which was a pretty good effort.

I also won the award for Best Club Spirit, which I was stoked to get.  Afterwards I looked at the names engraved on the cup and there are a lot of people there whom I greatly respect, and it was an honour to join their esteemed company.

In a couple of weeks I am off to the Regional Competitions in Hawera to act as Chief Ground Judge, a place I have never flown to, so I am looking forward to that.  This means I won't be able to compete in the Liferaft Drop, but I don't mind.  Andrew might go that one step further than I haven't been able to crack.  Good luck to him.