Happy 2012

Happy 2012 everyone, I want to wish you all the best for the new year.

As per usual, lets look back at 2011:

I said way back last January:

1) Aerobatic flight
2) Get approval to land at Waiheke Island. I think I have enough hours now to handle this challenge.
3) Fly somewhere different (like Whangarei or Gisbourne)
4) Taildragger flight
5) Go for a ride in something cool
1) Well I tried but fate was against me - maybe this year.
2)  Done!
3)  No.
4)  No.
5)  Is a Tecnam P2008 cool?

I just want to point out that winning the Clubs Senior Champion award was a highlight of my 2011 flying for me, and as such deserves a special mention in the summary.

Total hours for the year was 16, 32 flights (club and regional competitions helped a lot in this), 3 and a bit hours up on 2010.

OK for 2012:

1)  Aerobatic Flight
2)  Go on a long Cross Country somewhere different
3)  Flight in a twin
4)  Flight in a tail dragger
5)  Go for a ride in something cool


Rodney said…
Well done mate! A couple of notes:

A Tecnam is not that cool. Auckland Aero Club's Cessna C162 Skycatcher is pretty cool though. Would flying to Wellington could as a decent cross country?


Flyinkiwi said…
Flying to Wellywood would definitely count as a decent X-Country. I am however planning to fly into Ohakea later on this year which is more affordable. Spending an hour just getting out of the carpark simply doesn't appeal to me.
I wouldn't mind having a trip in the 162 as well. Might see if I can tee that up.
PropellerHead said…
Hamilton to Whangarei is a cool flight. Went up there 2 years ago - check out
or just find it on my channel, ZKBJC, on YouTube